Jen Duncan


A Fredericton original, I was born and raised in this beautiful city.  I could not be happier to wake Fredericton up in the morning with the newest and hottest country music! 

I am a single Momma with two beautiful, funny, smart, messy, cranky children that are my world! Kids take up most of my free time but when I do get to unwind, I love a good bonfire by the lake while enjoying a couple of brews.  I am 29 (plus 1) years young, and the 3rd of 4 children in my family, so I love attention (baby brothers get ALL the attention).  I keep things on the light side all the time.  I laugh A LOT, say inappropriate things at inappropriate times (I’m working on that) and can’t wait to share all my crazy life stories with all of you every morning! 


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