Shaugn & Jen


Jen:A Fredericton original, I was born and raised in this beautiful city.  I could not be happier to wake Fredericton up in the morning with the newest and hottest country music! 

I am a single Momma with two beautiful, funny, smart, messy, cranky children that are my world! Kids take up most of my free time but when I do get to unwind, I love a good bonfire by the lake while enjoying a couple of brews.  I am 29 (plus 1) years young, and the 3rd of 4 children in my family, so I love attention (baby brothers get ALL the attention).  I keep things on the light side all the time.  I laugh A LOT, say inappropriate things at inappropriate times (I’m working on that) and can’t wait to share all my crazy life stories with all of you every morning! 


Shaugn: Born and raised outside Montreal in the small town of Hudson Qc, I'm the youngest of the family, both at home and at the office! I'm a definitely a newbie here, but loving Fredericton!

I studied classical music after high school and said “nah, not for me anymore” but still graduated, then started working in radio in 2009 and have moved around the country for it, taking me from Whitecourt, Alberta, to Charlottetown, PEI most recently.
I live alone except for my cat Jack who sometimes acknowledges my existence..usually around feeding times.
I'm a craft beer lover, piano teacher and church organist, and motorcycle enthusiast, and I love being able to spend my mornings with you (and Jen...sometimes) as we play the 'BEST' new country music to start your day! Be warned, I'm all about the puns!

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