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 Fredericton’s New Country 92.3 knows how terrifying it is to lose your pets, which is why we’ve set up Pet Tracker.  

Simply send us a picture, your contact number/email and all the details to

We’ll post the info on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as here on our Pet Tracker page.  

Be sure to let us know when your pet has been found so we can update our posts.

Helping to reunite our furry friends with their families.  Pet Tracker is sponsored by Global Pet Foods…with locations on the north and southside…and Fredericton’s New Country 92.3

June 12, 2017
Sophie is an indoor cat that has been missing since Saturday evening from the Rainbow Drive area in Charters Settlement. She is a very small 4 year old female and is probably very scared. If you see her, please call 476-0702.
June 5, 2017
Dogs escaped from the Skyline Acres area, missing near the Bliss Carmen School. First is a medium sized, short haired brown/white Beagle mix named Barney, second is a medium sized brindle Gallegos, (resembles a grey hound) named Bella. Please contact Shawna 474-3508.
May 18, 2017
Rubble was last seen around 7am this morning on Chateau Drive, McLeod Hill. He's brindle boxer and he's super friendly. Please contact Lacey at 262-7110 if seen.
May 1, 2017

 April 23, 2017

Apr 19, 2017 

2 dogs ran off in the Kimble area this afternoon. One is medium brindle greyhound type named Bella, the other is a small brown and white named Barney. Call Shauna at 474-3508 if you see/find them.
Click to see their pic here
April 19, 2017
*** UPDATE - Elly has been found! ***
Elly has gone missing from her caregiver while out for a walk. She escaped her harness so has no visable identification, she is microchipped. She is approx 10lbs. A blonde long haired chihuahua recently shaved from grooming. She has a bit of blue in her right eye. She is fixed. She went missing from the Sunset Church area in Fredericton. Please call Kim @ 460-8668 if you have any information. Elly's parents are worried sick about her, and doing everything they possibly can from afar, they are out of town at this time.
April 8, 2017
***UPDATE - the pup's been found.  Thanks for sharing!***
Lost chihuahua puppy in the Southside near the Dundonald/ Victoria/Caunnaught St area! If anyone has seen her, contact June at or call 471-6079
For a picture of the lost puppy, click here
March 31, 2017
Oscar was last seen on the north side of Fredericton this afternoon (March 31) in the Carney St/MacLaren Ave area but also may have been spotted in the Douglas Ave/Maple St/Lexinton Ln/Main St area. He is a friendly dog but can also be timid if he is scared. If you have any info regarding Oscar please call 506-261-3270 or e-mail
March 24, 2017
 8 year old German shepherd Tucker is missing from the York Mills area. Last seen yesterday morning at 9 a.m. He likes to take himself for walks but always returns especially when he is called. Please if you have seen him call Suzanna at 260-2000.
March 27 Update
A German Shepherd fitting Tucker's description was spotted on Route 3 by Dykeman's Flats this morning, was curious about the cars. He could be on Hanwell now. He is very friendly. If you see him please call Devon at 260-2000 or Suzanne at 261-5685.
March 21, 2017
Tika the parrotlet is about the size of a chickadee and bright green like a parrot. She went missing Tuesday, March 21 in the Magaguadavic Lake area. She is very friendly. Reward offered. If you've seen Tika, call Bridgette Paul at 262-0424
 March 18, 2017
Marley has gone missing in the MacLaggan Bridge/Stanley area. She is a 1-year-old goldendoodle and went missing at around noon Friday. Her name is Marley and her collar fell off. If you have any details of her whereabouts, please contact Jason at (506) 461-2790.
We're having issues uploading the photo.  Pls see pic on our Facebook here
 March 1, 2017
His name is Aspen. He's a male husky, 7 months old, blue eyes, and white and black fur. He no longer has the dog tag from the picture, but he has a collar on. Please contact 506-260-5302 (Emilie) or 506-260-1061 (Ryan). 
January 24, 2017
Aqua has been missing since this morning. She's 11 years old. Black and white. Very fluffy. She has a collar with a purple bell. She's a strictly indoor cat. Tends to be very vocal when she has got out in the past. Located on the corner of Brett Jonathan Dr and Brandon St off of the Wilsey Rd in Rusagonis. Please contact Amanda/Destiny at 5064576228.

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