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  • Every Second Counts

    Every Second Counts

    If you had one second, and one chance to guess a song do you think you could do it? Here is your shot. It's Every Second Counts presented by Canada's Huggable Car Dealer and Hawkins Equipment.

  • New Country 923 Day at Riverview Orchards

    New Country 923 Day at Riverview Orchards

    It's New Country 923 day at Riverview Orchards, September 23rd. There will be free wagon rides to and from the corn maze, a BBQ with proceeds towards a local charity.

  • New Country Celebrations

    New Country Celebrations

    Let us know about your celebrations today! Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other special occasions for your chance to win great prizes!

  • At Work Network

    At Work Network

    Do you listen to New Country 92.3 at work? Let us know and we may stop by with lunch for your whole crew courtesy of Ringo's Steakhouse and Taproom!

  • Pet Tracker

    Pet Tracker

    Lost your pet? We can help! Thanks to Global Pet Foods in Fredericton.

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